The World Goes As Mad As Jens

Yesterday, the superb published an article about the rubbish decision of Rob Styles and how Sky Sports presenter and The Missing Link, Richard Keys made some odd comments in the post game Chelsea wankathon.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Sky’s presentation of football matches  – I like how I can watch the game without actually being there at the ground.  Magical.  But every single other thing about their coverage is pure cack.  Read LB’s article here to see what all the fuss is about.

It seems clear to me that clubs these days hold way too much sway over the media, to the point where proper journalism is effectively prohibited.  Look at the BBC losing the rights to England games for having a pop at the team and the FA.  Look how Sky verbally fellate Chelsea and Man Utd as they host their respective TV channels.  The vested interest in the case of Murdoch’s company is so patently obvious that it’s clear to any fan (except to those man-apes of the afore mentioned clubs) that they are biased to the point of incredibility.  If I were a fan of a proper average, mid-table, going nowhere club like, say, Sp*rs, I would get majorly narked with how they are glossed over by the red and blue propaganda perpetrated by Sky Sports.  Even Arsenal & Liverpool get a rough deal from the satellite channel, despite being part of the much vaunted ‘big 4’.  From now on, I shall do my TV watching via ATVO and Setanta.

In other news, the Arsenal Youth players have been playing in their respective national sides in the U-17 World Cup. has reviews here

As if to reiterate his belief that the current squad is well equipped enough to handle any title challenger, Arsene has once again stated that he’s not in the process of signing anybody.  I just hope he’s playing silly buggers.

Midfield enforcer and all round hard man, Cesc Fabregas has shown his captaincy credentials by coming out and publicly supporting the much criticised Jens Lehmann

“We are a team and win or lose as a team. He has made mistakes. But it is not just about one player. Jens is a professional and an experienced goalkeeper. He has saved us many times and we all support him.

Good to see evidence of the solidarity that has been talked about so much in the early stages of this season.

Finally, get watching and texting Football Focus.  Let’s give Dennis the recognition he deserves.  Some people go on about Henry, but for me, DB10 will always be the greatest Arsenal legend.

Until tomorrow, my Arse monkeys

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