Monday Bloody Monday

I have been drunk. A lot. I have also played some football. I have been busy this weekend trying to balance the drinking of excessive amounts of beer and still being able to turn out for two football matches. It is no easy task. You really have to wonder how Tony Adams and Merse managed it all those years. Still, I got what I wanted; two comfortable wins and a goal to boot. Even playing fullback for 45 minutes was fun, bouncing burly centre forwards off my wiry frame, and overlapping on the counter. It is a doss though. Compared to playing on the wing, fullback is like a walk in the park. That’ll probably upset a few people, but hey, it’s true.

Anyway, I’ve got some catching up to do after the weekend. You will have seen the results of the internationals no doubt, and will be aware that Eduardo and Tomas Rosicky scored for Croatia and the Czech Republic respectively. Thankfully there have been no injuries to report, and it’s good to see Lassana Diarra get 90 minutes for France, even if it was at right back. Hopefully he’ll be up to speed by the time we have to play Spuds and will be ready for selection in the squad.

A quick glance at the news feeds then.

Cesc Fabregas has been voted Arsenal Player of the Month, polling just over 50% of the vote. No real surprise there as the Spanish player has been awesome so far this season, scoring goals and doing his normal trick of being generally amazing. What is surprising though is that the guy everyone loves to hate, Alex Hleb, came in second. What?! I thought I was literally the only person who didn’t want him to go in the summer. Whilst it’s true that he can be the single most frustrating man in a red and white shirt, he has shown flashes of brilliance and I’m certain that before long we will get to see the real Alex Hleb. Once he figures out how to play his game on the right side, instead of the middle, old Hlebby will be a potent weapon much like our departed chum, Bobby Pires.

Another interesting story is that some bloke from America is planning to come and train with us in January. Some dude called David Beckham? I dunno, you may have heard of him, but all I know is that he’s some kind of attraction at LA Galaxy often seen sitting on the bench in a suit. He must be the mascot or something. Apparently, this Beckham bloke is going to train with the first team squad as the US “soccer” season finishes in the New Year and he wants to work on his fitness. Expect to see pictures of a bloke in suit at London Colney on then. In all seriousness, having Beckham at the club might provide some of the players the chance to see a model professional in action and tap into some of the experience the former England captain possesses. There’s no down side to this as far as I can see and if it helps raise the profile of the club a little bit more, then so be it.

Also worth a read (and it is a loooooooong read), is this piece in The Times. It’s all about Arsene Wengers ‘dark side’. The Frenchman is quite the hothead by his own admission and also admits that sometimes he loses it. No shit. However, it is a good read and a good insight into the mind of one of football’s luminary figures. As ever, Arsene comes across as an intelligent and articulate thinker and still seems to have the knack for making everything sound totally reasonable.

Finally, let’s all laugh at They are reporting that Johan Djourou will be “recalled” from loan in January. Yes, quite.

Sorry this is so late. Blame WordPress

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  1. Beckham at Arsenal during his off-season? Wonder what would happen if they find themselves a few midfielders short during the ANC and need help in the CL? Think Hendrik Larrson….

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