Reaction to Genclerbirligi – Guns – Some Jumping – and Gazzumping

Last night saw the opening friendly against European opposition for The Gunners.  It also saw a healthy 3-0 win for the boys.  What a busy night, what with all the seeing and stuff. As mentioned yesterday Robin van Persie, Theo and Adebayor all had good games and the former two interacted well together to set up and score two of the goals each.  It is nice to see that although it wasn’t against the best opposition, the boys seem to be bonding well, and playing well together to boot.  What with Arsene Wenger coming out and saying that he’s probably not going to be signing any more strikers, it means that if we do bring anyone in it is likely to be in the midfield and it is likely to be a winger.  Probably.  Maybe.  However quotes from Eduardo suggest that maybe we have already signed a wide player.  Someone who will take over from Reyes, since he spat his dummy out and thrown all his toys all over the place.  So logically if AW really is sticking with our current line up, maybe Nicolas Bendtner will get a few games more than many of us think and perhaps we will see a bit more of Theo.  We could be seeing a situation where is a 3 way battle for a role as a centre forward between RVP, Adebayor and Bendtner, with Eduardo, Theo, Hleb, and Rosicky all have to try and get a place playing in the midfield, because let’s be honest, Cesc and Gilberto pick themselves.  Anyone else coming in would have to indeed be a “super player” as the boss said he would sign at the start of the summer.  Before Henry.  Oh well.  My opinion is that there is a lot to be confident about in terms of the potential success next season.  I subscribe to the opinion that we could do well next season if the players live up to what we all hope they can.  And why not?  Seriously, why not?  Stranger things….It would seem I was a little premature in suggesting that Arsenal had signed two young South American players.  Nothing has yet been confirmed by the club.  Still, if it doesn’t turn out to be true, I believe that if Wenger did happen across some exceptional young talent, he would sign them because he wants to remain as Arsenal manager. Bernie Ecclestone, midget leader of F1, apparently wants to buy Arsenal because we’re cheap.  In a move that would see him effectively gazzumping moustache man Kroenke, Ecclestone is quoted by the BBC as saying that “If somebody offers me something I think is good value, I will have a go. I’m interested in anything if it’s cheap enough.”  Words to inspire gooners everywhere I’m sure you’ll agree.  Another plus point is that he’s buddies with David Dein, and so its likely that were Ecclestone to take over the club a return of the permatanned Dein could be likely.  And to top it all off, Bernie has tried before to buy Chelsea and still attends matches there.  He said: “Flavio [Briatore] and I were interested in Chelsea not so long ago”. “I do go to Chelsea. Flav and I went to matches. I go when I’ve nothing else to do.” He then went on to say what I think is the nail in the coffin from the fans perspective; “What problem would I be in with Chelsea if I bought Arsenal?”. Good one Bernie.  Make out as if you want to buy the club but really want it to be Chelsea.  We’ll love you for that.

Arseblogger has a story that Carlos Vela will spend next season at Osasuna over at  I couldn’t find anything about this myself, but I’m sure that if the mighty Arseblog is running the story, there’s more than a healthy dollop of truth in there.

That’s yer lot for today.  I’ve got to go play tennis for some reason.  Tennis?  WTF?!


Arsenal transfers suggest Wenger might sign a new contract

SKY Sports are reporting that we have signed two teenagers from South America.  Angel Di Maria and Pedro Silva are 19 and 17 respectively and are apparently highly rated by chief Scout Gilles Grimandi.  However, the lads do not fulfill the work-permit criteria to actually come to North London.  So in a deal brokered by Arsenal, Salamanca, the club currently looking after one of our own in Carlos Vela, have agreed to take the Argentinean and Brazilian on loan for next season.  Whether or not they re-surface in England for the 08/09 season remains to be seen.

It’s good to see the boss is still committed to signing the young players as to me that signals his intent to carry on with the youth project, and gives us a possible hint that he may well sign a new deal with the club.  Why would he go to the effort of getting the South Americans and getting them loaned out if he wasn’t going to be around to nurture them as he has done with many others?  I just have a hunch that this was Peter Hill-Wood was talking about when he said he’d chatted to Arsene and was confident a deal would be struck soon.  I reckon that PHW asked the boss what his intensions were regarding the transfers of Di Maria and Silva and why he should go to all the bother, and AW responded by saying that he’d be around to oversee it.  Or words to that effect.  Anyway, this is just what I think, so if you work for The Sun or The Daily Mail you should probably think of your own ideas before you get made to look stupid.  Just saying.

The return of Nicolas Anelka is once again being mooted by several sources.  Supposedly the board isn’t to happy about Wenger’s idea of having “Le Sulk” come back and is trying their damnedest to put a stop to it.  I have to say that I’m on the side of the fence that reckons that he would be a good buy.  He’s proven that he can score goals and although he lacks the eye catching flair of Henry, he does invite parallels to be drawn as his style of play is pacey, direct and he’s a clinical finisher.  I’m not so sure that the board would try and stop Arsene doing what he wants and at the end of the day, he’s the guy paid to know about football, so who are the money men to say otherwise?  Also, Anelka has shown a considerable development in his maturity and temperament and I really don’t think there would be the same problems that arose during his last stint with the club.  I would welcome the move as he would be a perfect compliment to Adebayor, RVP and Eduardo.  He is different in style to all three so I think he’d fit in straight away. There’s not a lot going on otherwise.

The game against the Turkish side Genclerbirligi was played tonight, and by all accounts it was a good workout for the lads.  Robin van Persie scored a brace and Walcott chipped in with one himself, after RVP returned the favour of an assist.  Arsenal .com has a full report, but the highlights are that Sagna played the first half and Eduardo the last 21 minutes, and by all accounts little Theo was amazing.  Other players that got a particular mention were Adebayor and Denilson.  Lovely.  There’s nothing better than hearing all the players you are relying on to do well seemingly are.  I’ll have extra helpings of that please Arsene.

I’d also like to congratulate JB on destroying me at squash tonight.  I love having my spirit crushed.  Love it.  Oh, and the fact he was wearing a Spuds shirt whilst doing it just added to the pain. 

Catch you tomorrow